Express CCPA


Assured SPC’s Express CCPA is rapid implementation service of artificial intelligence (AI) based technology and staff training that helps you automate compliance with the California Consumer Privacy Act at an affordable price. And it’s scalable – your CCPA solution grows with your business.

What’s included?

Assured SPC’s Express CCPA is a whole solution.   It includes implementation services, procedure automation, training and record keeping allowing you to demonstrate compliance with California’s CCPA privacy requirements.

Who needs this?

Generally, all for-profit businesses in the U.S. that collect information on California consumers or resell information on California consumers should determine if they are subject to CCPA requirements. Penalties can be large for non-compliance.


The Express CCPA includes:

  • Unlimited logins for internal users
  • Encrypted communications with consumers
  • Automated data mapping of up to 3 cloud-based structured data sources
  • 50 consumer requests included
  • Cookie banner for a website of up to 5 pages
  • Configuration for up to 10 cookies from one website in the cookie banner
  • Automated Consumer Request workflow generation
  • Consumer request tracking, alerting and Required 24 months of archiving
  • Approval management
  • Customized video training for your staff
  • Post go-live support
  • $11,450 USD for implementation services and licensing for 12 months

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