Do you need to figure out how to assess or implement “reasonable security” and operationalize a consumer privacy or HIPAA program?.  Assured SPC helps organzations assess their security program, HIPAA program and CCPA program, then plan a stepwise approach to shore-up or operationalize compliance requirements. In the space of cybersecurity and privacy, big stuff to you is small stuff to us.  Your business changes, security threats change, privacy laws change.  We can provide peace of mind for business leaders by providing cost-effective, part-time Chief Information Security Officer and Data Privacy Officer resources.

Our Services

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MANAGE - Virtual Chief Information Security Officer services

Contact us when you need a holistic but reasonable security program that addresses risk to the business not just technical controls. Want more information on vCISO services, click here.

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ASSESS -Privacy and Security program assessments

Need an audit or assessment of your cybersecurity program, HIPAA compliance, CCPA compliance, NY SHIELD Act compliance?  We are experts across data security and privacy programs.

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DO - Implement and Operate your CCPA privacy program

With our expertise in IT leadership, Security and Privacy, we can help you operationalize the California Consumer Privacy Act, reduce cost of implementation and operation and help you implement “reasonable security”.  Check out our Operationalize CCPA Service

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PREPARE - SOC2, HiTrust and ISO 27001 certification preparation

We help organizations prepare for SOC2, HiTRUST and ISO27001 audits and to implement procedures and record keeping to maintain certification.

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TEST - Security Testing and Remediation

We deliver Penetration and Vulnerability tests and help remediate issues

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