Privacy Awareness Training


Assured SPC has found that privacy awareness training is effective when it is aligned with your organization’s legal and contractual obligations and the existing policies and procedures of the organization.

Our methodology is to work with the appointed or effective privacy leader to gather this information and then to combine that information with existing content modules to deliver a cost and content effective session(s) scheduled to meet the needs of our clients.

We deliver two versions of awareness training.  The Privacy Awareness for Business Leaders includes content about the specific obligations of your organization and strategy for your privacy program approach and timing. It is designed to give you, the leader, the information to make decisions about your privacy program based on relevant business requirements. The General Privacy Awareness Training for employees and contractors ensures compliance with your legal and contractual requirements but delivers content that is specific to your organization’s policies, procedures and standards. Many organizations are subject to multiple privacy laws that could include as an example, GDPR and various US state privacy laws.  Other organizations may be subject to these laws along with HIPAA, GLBA and other international laws.  Regardless of your business’ specific requirements, we have the expertise and components to build effective training.