Managed Privacy Service


There is an increasing need to deal with Consumer/Resident privacy laws including GDPR, CCPA and VCPDA.
Achieving and maintaining compliance while minimizing expense is a challenge for every covered organization. Assured SPC has a unique service offering and methodology, the Assured SPC Managed Privacy Service, that can help organizations address compliance in a reasonable way. Using our methodology, we help organizations achieve success in steps from Minimum Viable Privacy to a full Privacy Operations and Reasonable Security Program without breaking the bank. The Managed Privacy Service from Assured SPC can help you sleep at night.

The Assured SPC Managed Privacy Service (MPS) Methodology

Assured leveraged its decades of experience in Information Systems leadership, Cybersecurity leadership and Privacy governance leadership to design its MPS Methodology. We combined our knowledge of compliance laws, state of the art information systems rapid development methodology and risk-based cybersecurity management when we designed the MPS methodology. The methodology is based on small steps to achieve success and then improve the program. We leverage robotic automation to ensure quality and minimize program ongoing costs.

Managed Service Steps

Sleep at Night

The Managed Privacy Service from Assured SPC lets business and privacy leaders sleep at night by addressing privacy requirements in steps that are designed to meet realistic business and legal objectives, balancing risk, cost and legal requirements. We are so confident in the result of the methodology that we include outsourcing of consumer/resident legal requests in the service. Our goal is to provide the whole solution to let you sleep at night.

How Much, How Fast

While the methodology is baked, the implementation is always customized to your organization’s needs. The initial step, to achieve what we call Minimum Viable Privacy includes data mapping, implementation of automated workflow, robotic automation to respond to consumer requests and outsourcing of responses. That first step can be completed in 3 weeks and for $30,000.

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