We have big problems

We try to boil down big problems into small actions.   Today we see that COVID-19 cases are rising in the US.   And we know that while the US has 5% of the world’s population, we currently have 25% of the cases.   The proposed solutions in the US is to make the problem a problem of small segments of the population.   The buck doesn’t stop at the top.   For a while it stopped at the governors’ desks.   Now it stops at city mayors and county manager desks.   And the small actions recommended are washing hands, social distancing and wearing masks to protect others.   These are transactional actions that are not considered important enough to manage at the highest levels in the US.   But they aren’t sufficient.   Because the problem is bigger.   We cannot come together to address the spread of COVID-19 in the US because of political divisions, cultural divisions, or even a societal respect for lives of Blacks or Jews or Muslims or those who try to enter the US to escape cruelty in their countries.

We need big solutions

COVID-19 is not the only major problem we are dealing with that cannot be solved with simple transactional actions.   Many countries including the US have made an effort to protect personal privacy that is being impacted by technology opportunities to track and trace every person and action they take around the world.   We are also threatened by financially motivated (e.g. ransomware) and politically motivated (nation state attacks) cybersecurity attacks against organizations.   This major problem is different because countries, businesses and individuals come together to fight back by sharing information about attackers and their methods.   Can you imagine cybersecurity companies who are naturally competitors sharing information on threats?   It happens every day.  We slow the growth of threats through cooperation.   There will be no end to pandemics.   There will be no end to cybersecurity threats because viruses and bad actors are motivated to continuously attack.  And there will be no end to threats against Black lives, Jewish lives, Muslim lives, and the lives of those who live in fear in other countries until we start coming together to solve the big problems.   There is some hope that we show as people in the way we fight cybersecurity threats.   But big problems require big program solutions and common goals.  Big problems are not solved by transactional actions.

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