Operationalize the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

Operationalize implementation and operationalize operation

Many businesses covered by the California Consumer Privacy Act, CCPA, have not yet taken the steps to discover what personal information is collected, where it is collected, why it is collected and with whom they share the personal information of California consumers. That first step needs to be followed by implementation of procedures to respond to the consumer rights to Know, to Opt-Out, and to have their personal information deleted.   

We bring cross-discipline experience to help you reduce risk and cost

We work closely with your privacy legal counsel, your marketing and sales teams, and your IT team to help you operationalize the CCPA compliance requirements effectively and at minimal cost. There are many alternatives for how to operationalize CCPA. Most notably, some approaches are very manual and some leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence. We are experienced at helping businesses mitigate the three primary risks –

  • Non-compliance with the law
  • Over or under implementation of “reasonable security”
  • Spending too much in the analysis phase or the operational phase

Keep your privacy program tuned

Security and privacy are not one-time implementation events. Business needs change, threats change, behavior of use, storage and sharing of personal information change. Operational security and operational privacy must continue to evolve with these changes. We are different than other consultancies. We know IT. We know security. And we know privacy. We provide a one-stop solution that leverages our deep knowledge crossing these three disciplines to help you get it done while minimizing internal and external implementation costs and ongoing operational costs. And we can help you keep your privacy program healthy with our vCISO and vDPO leadership services. With one call to us, you will know that we are different. Please reach out using the link below. Or call us at 818-584-6565.

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Our Services

MANAGE - Virtual Chief Information Security Officer services

Contact us when you need a holistic but reasonable security program that addresses risk to the business not just technical controls. Click here for our virtual CISO services.

ASSESS -Privacy and Security program assessments

Contact us to understand the privacy and information risk posture of your organization.  We translate information security into business terms.

DO - Implement and Operate your CCPA Privacy program

With our expertise in IT leadership, Security and Privacy, we can help you operationalize the California Consumer Privacy Act, reduce cost of implementation and operation and help you implement “reasonable security”.  Check out our Operationalize CCPA Service

PREPARE - SOC 2 Readiness Management

We help organizations prepare for HIPAA, SOC 2, HITRUST and ISO27001  audits and to implement procedures and record keeping to maintain certification.

TEST - Security Testing and Remediation

We deliver Penetration and Vulnerability tests and help remediate issues